Transformation of an Old Cement factory into a Beautiful Characteristic Home

Architect Ricardo Bofill came across an old cement factory that was built in 1973 and immediately saw huge potential.  He came up with the name La fábrica and years later, the building has been fully renovated into the most impressive home with character at every turn.

Located outside of Barcelona, Spain, the timeworn cement factory had long shut its doors when Bofill and his group bought the building.  After several years of renovation and reconstruction on several areas, the inspired designer created a lush peripheral area full of beautiful plants, trees and other stunning botanicals.  Inside, he utilized modern elements to create a distinct contemporary feel.

La Fabrica continues to thrive to this day.  Demonstrating that the future is ever-changing, constantly evolving.  This spectacular structure illustrates the inspired creativity of the truly great mind of Ricardo Bofill.
Design architect Ricardo Bofill came across an old cement factory that was built in 1973 and immediately saw huge potential.


He fully transformed the building into the most stunning home


It took several years of renovation and reconstruction on almost all aspects of the home!


A lush peripheral area full of beautiful trees and other stunning botanicals surround the entire property


The building has been completely renovated into a remarkable, distinctive home


Old Industrial elements mix with more modern, contemporary pieces


Every single room in the building is completely unique and intended for a specific purpose


Bofill writes “I have the impression of living… in a closed universe which protects me from the outside and everyday life”


Uninterrupted lines reflects


Leisure spaces can be found everywhere throughout the house


A bright work space is a central factor as this room doubles as a wonderful work space


The outside structure is shrouded by beautiful, lush green botanicals such as Olive trees, Eucalyptus and grass


This structure exudes a whimsical yet unapologetic romantic and passionate vibe


A central part of the home is the kitchen/dining room in which is a “meeting point” for all members residing and working in the building


Incredibly, despite all the renovations, the structure is still very much a project in progress


The architect equates the building continuous growth to his own life (always evolving)


La fábrica is constantly evolving and developing which is part of its symbolic appeal


If you have a creative vision for any kind of space, you can turn anything into something spectacular